proto 1/2

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you are a daring traveler

a dashing rebel

a darling critic

catalyst for change

i achieve a comfort and belonging

since i've found you

it's for you i was made

upon journeying the globe

you stand for the noble cause of justice threatening elite nobility

your shining presence alone

may in itself bleach certain evils

we both know by now

something's not quite right

where the banal security

of an unequal system

cannot remain

there is a moment coming

something of terrible importance

it´s certain

we remain curious though

in study of its trail

and unafraid of the natural

will thrive to survive

carry on our camino

in a steady cadence

toward the promenade of righteous rebellion

in protection of youth



with sovereignty

over their sacred wombs and souls


Off White Paper Texture
White background

we are of thick skin

yearning minds

abundant wells of passion and resolve

awaiting our purpose

amidst uncertainty

along the struggle to commit our purpose

and bend the path toward peace

not ahead but at its current course

we will not lay down

or step aside

when the moment comes

and the side streets gaze

in full awe, fear, and horripilation

as what's coming reaches here

we lasso our flame

in the imminent occurrence

conductor of history

etched in the pavement

we earned the reward

of stepping in

where others would pass

now eternally bound

in accordance with life

knowing solid matter may mutate

carrying others

so they may walk again

and dwell on the certain

beauty against their pain